With Incognito Orthodontic Braces, you get to dazzle with your smile. But no one even knows you are wearing braces.


That’s because we place your braces behind your teeth, so no one can see them. These state-of-the-art braces are comfortable, invisible, and fixed. They allow you to keep them a secret (if you want). They’re suitable for adults or children—and ideal for those who play contact sports or specific musical instruments.

How does Incognito work?

Incognito brackets are placed on the backside of the teeth. From there, they work like traditional braces.

  • First, we take a custom scan of your teeth (no more molds!). We email these to a lab.
  • The lab uses computerized technology to generate customized metal brackets.
  • We install each of these brackets onto the back of each tooth. You’re secretly on your way to a beautiful smile!
  • Once your treatment is finished, a retainer helps to maintain your new smile.
  • If you’re ready to determine if Incognito is right for you, please call us to schedule a consultation.