Upper West Side Invisalign Services in Manhattan New York City

Imagine the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted…without braces.

Today’s technology makes this   possible. Invisalign involves a series of exceptionally comfortable aligners. They lack metal; they’re removable; and they’re virtually invisible. You can smile during your treatment — and smile afterwards, too. Invisalign is both safe and popular — particularly among adults. invis

Dr. Kuncio is a Premier Provider of Invisalign in manhattan and is the only New York City orthodontist who has published clinical research on Invisalign in an international research journal. He also teaches Invisalign treatment at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine and frequently lectures to general dentists in the NYC area. Dr. Kuncio’s expertise in Invisalign was recently published in the peer-reviewed New York State Dental Journal (page 6 of the link).