A retainer is crucial for maintaining that dazzling smile—and keeping your teeth and jaw aligned. Please follow these instructions for maximizing the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment.

Wear your Retainer. “Nighttime for lifetime” is our motto! Even if you wear your retainer throughout adulthood, our bodies and mouths change—and teeth can move slightly—but a retainer protects against any major unhealthy shifts.

Remove your Retainer. When you’re eating, drinking, swimming, brushing, or flossing, you can take your retainer out. Please put it back in the case! People tend to leave their retainers in school lunchrooms and restaurants. They also get chewed up by pets!

Clean your Retainer. Clean your retainers thoroughly at least once a day. Brush it with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and warm (not hot) water. That removes the plaque and any odors. You can also use Efferdent® or other appliance cleaner—but this does not replace brushing. If you are wearing a fixed (“permanent”) retainer, you must continue watching what you eat to ensure it does not break.

Bring your Retainer. Please bring your retainer with you for all visits to this office.

Protect your Retainer. Please be careful: retainers are breakable. Keep yours away from hot water, sunny car dashboards, your pocket, the washing machine, napkins, and pets. If you lose or break your retainer, please call us immediately.

Live with your Retainer. Practice speaking, reading, or singing out loud. You’ll get used to it in no time, and it’ll become second nature, like brushing your teeth.