Here at Kuncio Orthodontics, we make every effort to avoid extractions of teeth (removal), and surgery. However, surgical orthodontics is necessary in some cases.

When this happens, Dr. Kuncio can help. Always at the forefront of new orthodontic technology, he can perform minor surgical procedures that enhance orthodontic work, such as the placement of mini-implants for force control. He can also refer to and collaborate with the ideal oral and maxillofacial surgeon to ensure the best care possible on other surgical procedures that can expedite orthodontic treatment, such as cortocotomies.

Orthognathic (jaw) surgery can correct complex craniofacial cases involving the mouth, jaw, face, and skull. These might include severe under- or overbites, jawbone abnormalities, and malocclusion. Dr. Kuncio has treated dozens of such cases, and works in conjunction with top oral surgeons in NYC.

Prior to surgery, the jaw must be finished growing—typically 16 for females and 20 for males. Your surgery may take several hours—and yes, it must be done in a hospital. Most patients need orthodontic treatment for at least a year prior to surgery, and usually six months afterwards (the appliances stay on during surgery as well). At that point, a retainer helps to maintain your new smile.

As with any major medical surgery, there are risks involved. However, orthognathic surgery has been performed safely for decades. We’re here for your questions and concerns. Our patients’ comfort is crucial.