“I decided to get clear ceramic braces at Kuncio Orthodontics to fix an overbite and a gap I had. It was the best decision I made. Dr. Kuncio and his staff were great all throughout the process. My bite and gap were fixed in the time approximated, about 24 months. Any questions or concerns I had were always answered. If I needed to come in for any discomfort they were very accommodating. I looked forward to every appointment since Dr. Kuncio and his staff were very friendly and helpful. Time really flew by and most people did not even notice I had braces since I opted for the clear ceramic ones. I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend Kuncio Orthodontics to anyone wanting a perfect smile! ” — Rayneida

Treatment Type: Ceramic Braces
Treatment Time: 24 Months





“The staff was very friendly, so I was never uncomfortable whenever I had my appointments. I would definitely recommend Kuncio Orthodontics to anyone interested in getting orthodontic treatment. They make it a worthwhile experience! I left feeling more confident with my teeth than I ever had and people always compliment me on it!” — Sean

Treatment Type: Insignia
Treatment Time: 12 Months





“I LOVE Kuncio Orthodontics! Dr. Kuncio and his staff are unbelievable. They take the time and effort to make sure you understand everything about your treatment and to make sure you are satisfied. Everyone is so friendly, and I got my braces off in 18 months thanks to them!!! Everything about Kuncio Orthodontics is amazing! Thank you so much Kuncio Orthodontics.” — Georgia

Treatment Type: Metal Braces
Treatment Time: 18 Months





“I have always hated my smile or lack there of and had always wanted to straighten my teeth. My dentist introduced me to Dr. Kuncio, who, after only one year, made my dream come true! I was apprehensive, being in my 40s, concerned about what people might think etc. Dr. Kuncio dispelled all those thoughts, was supportive, very informed, and very relaxed about the whole course of treatment. I never felt that my best interests weren’t at heart and I couldn’t have had a better experience!” — Jennifer

Appliances: Ceramic Braces
Treatment Time: 12 Months





“Dr. Kuncio’s orthodontic expertise has far exceeded my expectations. He’s a master in translating braces process into palatable terms, which is complemented by his engaging personality. He’s a consummate professional and I couldn’t be happier with the results!” — Felix

Appliances: Invisalign
Treatment Time: 9 Months






“I want to express how happy I am with my new smile. Unlike other orthodontists I visited, Dr Kuncio took the time to go over several options available to me without making me feel pressured to make a decision right then. My experience with Invisalign was a painless and seamless one and I thank Dr. Kuncio and his wonderful staff.” — Tamara

Appliances: Invisalign
Treatment Time: 13 Months






“Dr. Kuncio is fantastic. Great at explaining everything from procedures to routines. Very clear and personable. I can’t recommend him enough!” — Charlie

Appliances: Invisalign
Treatment Time: 12 Months







“If you look at my before and after pictures, you will know why I chose to have this work done. Having a beautiful smile at the end of the process was worth all the discomfort of having orthodontic work done. Thanks to Dr. Kuncio’s expertise I can now smile and not feel self conscious. I just want to share that with all his future clients. I hope you will be happy as I am with the end results!” — Cheryl

Appliances: Metal Braces
Treatment Time: 15 Months





“In my search for the best orthodontists in New York, Dr. Kuncio’s name came up. I first met him three years ago; he assessed the situation and put me on a plan that 3 years later, would not only improve my bite but also ultimately improve my overall health. I had a minor underbite and several impacted teeth, including one hidden by my nose! Dr Kuncio was accomodating and gave me the best advice regarding what I should do, and we adjusted our plans as my teeth moved and developed. We were somehow able to get all of my bottom teeth under my top teeth and were also able to reduce crowding. Dr Kuncio is a true professional, and the confidence and self esteem that having straight teeth creates is immeasurable. Thank you so much Dr. Kuncio!” — Christopher

Appliances: Ceramic Braces
Treatment Time: 30 Months


“Dr. Kuncio and his team are fantastic. The entire process went smooth because of him and his wonderful staff. I would recommend Daniel Kuncio to anyone of my friends and family. He is very knowledgable in orthodontics and what works for each individual patient. I say this because this was my second time around wearing braces and he answered any questions or concerns I may have had during the whole process. Thank you again to Dr. Kuncio for a great job! ” — Vickie

Appliances: Ceramic Braces
Treatment Time: 20 Months





“Dr. Kuncio makes miracles happen- I have my new smile to prove it. My teeth were so uneven I was skeptical anyone could make them look normal and straight. Dr. Kuncio made this experience pleasant because he is thoughtful and really caring. I cannot thank Dr. Kuncio enough because I can smile and laugh with confidence now.” — Fred

Appliances: Ceramic Braces
Treatment Time: 20 Months






“Invisalign was the perfect solution to straightening my teeth. In only a year, my smile was what I had been always hoping for and it came without a lot of pain!” — Sarah

Appliances: Invisalign
Treatment Time: 10 Months







“Dr. Kuncio was nothing but friendly and professional during the whole process. He always took the time to explain what was going on at each step (minor and major) and to answer my questions. Definitely a doctor who cares!” — Brenden

Appliances: Ceramic Braces
Treatment Time: 14 Months