The Practice

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Here at Kuncio Orthodontics, our mission is to practice exceptional orthodontics. To us, this doesn’t just mean making you (or your child) more confident, beautiful, and healthy. It means doing it in a way that makes your life easier and far more convenient.

That means treating you extraordinarily well. We accommodate your busy schedule with evening and weekend appointments available for most procedures. We’re willing to be flexible to make sure that you’re taken care of—from your consultation, through all necessary adjustments, and until your final smile is unveiled to the world.

It also means being conservative. We will never recommend anything that you or your child doesn’t need for optimal health and aesthetic appeal. Orthodontics isn’t just about braces. It’s about your entire dental health and history. It’s deeply holistic: its whole purpose is to keep your gums and teeth healthy, to avoid extractions and surgery, and to give you the healthiest (and most dazzling) possible smile.

At the same time, it means using the latest technologies and methods. This way, we can design a shorter treatment time, and make sure (if selected) your braces and other appliances are undetectable by others.

Finally, it means teaching our patients (and others) how to maintain optimal health. Our practice is big on instruction:

We don’t just install braces: we explain the “how” and “why” for each of your options—and make it easy to choose.

Then we tell you what’s happening—as it’s happening.

We go over the care of your braces and appliances with extreme patience.

We explain all appliance instructions clearly and in writing.

We take this mission to an extreme. Beyond practicing orthodontics on the Upper West Side of NYC, Dr. Kuncio also travels to regional NYC schools to lecture on oral health. Finally, he volunteers dental work in far-flung locations—including a remote section of Armenia and Ukraine.

If you are ready to experience our flexibility and dedication, contact us for a consultation.